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LB Equity invests in emerging brands in the wellness, longevity, natural health, beauty, wellness and personal care space, along with select food and beverage opportunities. We partner with brands offering differentiated and innovative products and solutions to consumer pain points, targeting those that show promise of high growth and alignment on core values of sustainability and social impact. In addition to providing capital, we contribute hands on, value add expertise and resources to accelerate growth. 

Market Opportunities
Highly Attractive Industry

Extremely profitable, large and fragmented marketplace, strong demographics and growth trends 

Under Addressed Market Need

Large strategic players have the constant need to fill product pipelines and fuel growth, yet do not possess internal capabilities to innovate, invest in and grow small, up and coming brands 

Consumer Demand for Transparency

The modern consumer demands ingredients that enhance wellbeing and products with proven efficacy

New Areas of Opportunity

New opportunities continue to arise out of the pandemic, as spending has shifted further online, consumers are increasingly open to trying new brands, and wellness has become a greater priority 

‘Tech-Like’ Exits

Consistently high number of exits occurring annually, at attractive multiples 


LB Equity prioritizes investing in brands and founders that do business with purpose. We seek out opportunities to support early-stage companies that are thoughtful about their social and environmental impact and do business with a conscience. We choose to use our position in the industry to foster growth towards more sustainable and socially conscious practices. We find that when we invest in companies that align with our values, we work better together and achieve greater success due to a shared vision of having a positive impact on the planet we inhabit and the people we serve.  


It is increasingly important to consumers that companies are transparent in their practices and consider the impact of their operations. Forward thinking companies that are accounting for their impact now will be those that succeed in the future. 

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