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Olika is a leader in the emerging clean beauty hygiene segment, creating anti-bacterial products with innovative packaging, clean and nourishing formulas and a sustainable refill system.  



Soapbox is a mission-driven beauty and personal care company with high quality products, clean formulas and modern branding at an accessible price point. For every product purchased, Soapbox donates a bar of soap to a community in need. 


Marula Beauty

Marula is an eco-luxury skincare company based around pure and organically harvested Marula Oil which is sustainably farmed by women in Africa. Marula Oil is clinically proven to possess a higher nutrient content and superior age-defying benefits than any other oil. 


Standard Dose

Standard Dose is a premium lifestyle brand setting and elevating the standard of cannabinoids and plant-based wellness through consumer education, curation, and experience. 

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Herb Essentials

Herb Essentials is a cannabis infused beauty and wellness lifestyle brand that speaks to the cannabis-inclined metropolitan consumer. 

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MD Complete

MD Complete is the first and only skincare clinically proven to deliver the level of results of leading dermatologist treatments, matching in-office laser treatments at 1/10th the cost and the #1 Rx skincare regimen at 1/3rd the cost. 

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Defunkify is a performance driven, eco fabric care company. With its patented IP, Defunkify has created the most effective odor/stain removal fabric care formula with the lowest eco-toxicity of any brand in the market. 

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Immunocologie is a highly effective luxury skincare line harnessing all natural ingredients and a proprietary delivery technology developed by a leading French chemist to feed essential minerals and nutrients to the skin. 

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Caring Family 

Caring Family makes innovative personal care products for people of all ages. Its hero products Diaper Boss and Rash Boss are the only non-aerosol, all-natural preventative, and healing rash solutions in the market.

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